TECHNO-LOGIC® security labelType / application : Traceability,Security,Technique,Opening
TECHNO-LOGIC® security labelTECHNO-LOGIC® security label

TECHNO-LOGIC® security label

The history of the label

Security label allowing to seal boxes, doors, switchgear cubicles etc, so as to see if those were opened thanks a message confirming tampering, on the label and the labeling surface.

TECHNO-LOGIC® label that can not be put back into place.

Personalizable color, text and font size.

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Application areas

Get a security TECHNO-LOGIC® label ( also known as VOID label ) with marks so as to seal boxes, doors, switchgear cubicles etc.

See the possible customizations

Label shape :Round label
Square label
Rectangle label

Standard Customization :Text, color, size, packaging (rolls or sheets), logo, easily removable or difficult, other.Technology Customization :Bar code, hologram, sequins, foil / metallic, QR Code, Numbering, Surface, scratch off, Fluorescence, Phosphorescence U revelation, V, optical Ink, Ink, thermochromic reversible / irreversible, temperature resistance, lightfastness, VOID (with trace / without trace), RFID, Erasable, indecipherable, printed Electronics, other.

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