Water-soluble label
Water-soluble label

Water-soluble label

The history of the label

Identify temporarily with water-soluble label
The water-soluble label identifies products in need of temporary identification and dissolves upon washing.

A 100% biodegradable label
The water-soluble allows to reuse your containers, facilitating washing and recycling.

The label is 100% biodegradable and dissolves without residue in less than 30 seconds in contact with water of any temperature, and without clogging drains and dishwashers.

It avoids on the other hand the material deterioration due to scratching.
The water-soluble label can also be used for freezing.

Ideal for your consigned good or reused
Labelling of plastic boxes, bottles, crates, pallets, dishes, identification or marking of food, labelling of test tubes or flasks, containers of stainless...
Packaging: on A4 sheets or roll.
Our labels are customizable on laser or inkjet printer (careful to choose the right ink to maintain the solubility of the labels)

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Application areas


See the possible customizations

Label shape :Round label
Square label
Rectangle label

Standard Customization :Text, color, size, packaging (rolls or sheets), logo, easily removable or difficult, other.Technology Customization :Bar code, hologram, sequins, foil / metallic, QR Code, Numbering, Surface, scratch off, Fluorescence, Phosphorescence U revelation, V, optical Ink, Ink, thermochromic reversible / irreversible, temperature resistance, lightfastness, VOID (with trace / without trace), RFID, Erasable, indecipherable, printed Electronics, other.

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