RF date due tagType / application : Traceability,Security,Library
RF date due tagRF date due tag

RF date due tag

The history of the label

Simplified book management

The repositionable date due tag covers the anti-theft label. In combination with the detuner mini-tab without or with destructive pre-cuts, it allows the borrowing of books or documents.

Improving efficiency

This label will allow you to provide a quicker service. The date due tag is repositionable and designed with a blue rectangle where to fix the mini-tab to detune detection and allow the loan.
Its format is 6x6 cm, slightly bigger than the anti-theft label and is placed on top of it.

The label which saves time

Considerable time savings when managing books
Much more reliable management


Application areas

School libraries and media centers of the various parts of France have decided to trust us and use our technology to improve efficiency and reliability.

See the possible customizations

Label shape :Round label
Square label
Rectangle label

Standard Customization :Text, color, size, packaging (rolls or sheets), logo, easily removable or difficult, other.Technology Customization :Bar code, hologram, sequins, foil / metallic, QR Code, Numbering, Surface, scratch off, Fluorescence, Phosphorescence U revelation, V, optical Ink, Ink, thermochromic reversible / irreversible, temperature resistance, lightfastness, VOID (with trace / without trace), RFID, Erasable, indecipherable, printed Electronics, other.

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